Why Mobile Friendly Websites Matter

Mobile friendly websites

Mobile friendly… it’s a strange combination of two words really. You could be you asking yourself, what do they mean? Fear not, we’re here to answer this and more.

When we refer to the term mobile friendly here at Clique, we’re not talking about a polite telephone handset. We’re talking about websites.

A website is mobile friendly, if it is made compatible to be viewed, accessed and interacted with from a mobile device.

Your customers and potential customers access the internet in all different ways and it’s important to cater for everyone.

Some people access the internet from desktops, but it is becoming ever so more common for people to access the internet from their mobile phone.

It’s important to have your website mobile friendly because a website acts differently on a desktop computer than it does on a mobile. Also the screen size on a mobile is much smaller and your website needs to look good on a mobile device.

Websites without a mobile friendly web design do not rank as highly on Google search results as another websites that do.

So, if someone is searching for a washing machine repairer (your business) and your compeditor has a mobile friendly website and you don’t. His website will appear before yours in the Gloogle search results when a customer searches from their mobile phone.

A mobile friendly website builds confidence with your customers, as it shows a professional appearance and care about the mobile user experience.

If your website isn’t mobile friendly, it’s time to start thinking about making the nessesary changes to keep up with the modern day customer.