Why Do I Need A Web Designer?

Why do I need a web designer? A great question asked by business owners on the Central Coast and around Australia.
We answer why you need a web designer for your business, instead of using free website tools.

A professional image for your small business is important, not only does it gives customers confidence in your product but it provides a consistent brand that customers can recognise.
A web designer works with you to create a professional cohesive design so your business identity stands out in a good way.
Free websites provide a standard template which can be hard to create your own identity and if you are not one hundred percent sure on how to create a professional look, you can be left scratching your head unsure of how to improve your site.

A web designer works on all the stuff behind the scenes for you, taking away the technical headache of trying to figure out why something isn’t working or doing exactly what you want it to do.

A web designer has the experience to know important web standards that your site should pass to ensure its quality. These web standards and accessibility standards are needed so your website can be accessed by anyone and everyone. Ensuring your website can be accessed by those who require different access, such as the blind, is important to reach all potential customers.

Web designers have created more than one website and know what works, they create a websites that are aimed towards your customers. This is why a good web designer will ask you questions about your business when designing your website, to create a user experience that will work for you and your customer. Using a free website you will need to do this yourself, and if you’ve never tried such a task, it can be daunting.

When you have a question or need assistance with marketing or changing things, or if something goes wrong, a web designer is just a call or email away. Free websites don’t offer the personal service a good web designer provides.

In all free sites are suitable for personal use or for hobbies, and they are inexpensive. However, if you are aiming to be a real business and be professional, get a professional’s help to create a perfect look to help your business succeed is why you need a web designer.