Top 3 things you need to create your website

So you’re starting a website for your business or you’re almost ready to have a designer create one.
We go through the top 3 things you’ll need to have when creating your website.

The number one thing you’ll need to get your website going is content. Content, is the written information displayed on the website. It is also the images and logos that are displayed.
For content, it is important to have quality written words and to think about who your client is. Writting to your ideal customer is important, you need to add all the marketing information they would be looking for or need to know. Quality images are also important. If you use a poor quality image taken from a phone your website can look unprofessional and it could cheapen the look of your brand. Professional quality photographs and designed images are the best content to ensure you reach your desired customer.

Your website colouring is another important design factor when creating your website. Keeping to the colour sheme of an existing logo or your company colours would be ideal, as it keeps familiarity with your customers and creates brand awareness. For instance large companies have created brand awareness by keeping to their company colours, for example McDonald’s iconic colours of red and yellow, or even Qantas with their globally recognized colour of red.
If you haven’t selected colours for your business as yet. Now would be the time to think about your brand and research what colours you wish to have, this will be the future look of your business.

Think about what you want your website be and create a vision. Do you want your website just to advertise your business like a flyer, or do you want your website to interact more with your customers by being able to book appointments or buy your product online? Do you want your customer to find your price list and be able to locate your store or business premises? What are the things you want your website to achieve for you? Creating a vision for your website will allow you to build a website that works for your business.

These top 3 things we do recommend you have before you begin the creation of your website. If you’re using a web designer to create the site, they should be able to assist you with these points and more.