Why social media alone isn’t enough for business

Your car’s tyre has just blown on your car, and you need a tyre repairer NOW… you open your friendly search engine on your smart phone and ask Siri, or Google or whoever is your favourite search engine friend, to find you a tyre service repairer.

The search engine brings up a list of repairers in your area. You check out the website for one of the results and it looks good, the prices are reasonable and they’re nearby. You get them to fix your tyre.

When you need a service or are searching for something to buy, users search through search engines, not social media. This is one of the great reasons your business should have a website.
Social media alone will not rank you high in the search results pages. You need a smart user friendly, mobile friendly website to achieve this.

Social media is a great tool to interact with your customers, don’t get me wrong (we use it ourselves here at Clique,) but social media can be limiting in to the amount of information you can display, how it is displayed, and you are restricted by their terms and conditions – for instance if running a competition on their platform, you must stick to their rules on how your competition is run.

A website is flexible in what and how you display information and gives you complete control of how you market your business and brand. It is customised and organised in such a way your customers will be able to find current and up to date information in no time.

Some social media users have liked or followed hundreds of pages and have hundreds of friends, your online post on social media can get lost among all the latest updates, even if they like or follow your business.

Even today, not everyone uses social media, and it’s not just because they don’t know how! Some people are frequent users on the internet but choose not to have a social media profile. By only having a business presence on social media you’re missing out on those customers, a key part of marketing for your business.
If you were to do a letter box drop of your flyer in a neighbourhood street, you wouldn’t only deliver to one side of the street now would you? You need to cater to all types of users on the internet and a website is the best way to do that.

Your website will allow you to have a professional look, give your business credibility and give your customers confidence in your company and what you offer.

A website is a marketing platform that is on 24/7. You can offer online services such as training courses, or sell products online to be shipped direct or collected from your shop front and more.

People can be less likely to consider your business if you don’t have a website, especially if they are comparing you to a competitor who does have one.

Creating a website yourself can be daunting and you can find yourself not being able to achieve everything you dream of your website being able to do. Hiring a professional can cost more than a DIY job, but you’re sure to get the website and marketing direction for your business that you need.

No matter how big or small your business is, if you don’t have a website, you’re business is missing out on a key part of the market.