How to add your business to Google

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Your business can be added to google search in just a few easy steps, and best of all is completely free.

You’ll need to go to slash business or alternatively search for google business in a search engine and follow the links to the Google my business page.

On the homepage click start now, Google will then ask you to sign in with your Google account. If you don’t have one, select create account and fill in all the details required.
If you already have a Google account simply sign in with your email and your password.

Now you can add your business, fill in all the details your business name address and phone number. You’ll need to fill in the section of category enter a category that best describes your business.
Remember to fill out the section regarding delivery goods and services to customers at their location, select yes or no.

Select continue, if google can’t find your business address select set marker location. The map will show a red marker, drag-and-drop the marker to where your business is located, select done when your marker is in the correct location.

You’ll now return to the add your business page with all your details complete, select continue. Results may show of similar businesses in your area, if any of the listings are yours select your business, if not, select none of these match.

Next Google want to verify the information that’s been entered, you’ll need to tick the checkbox if you’re authorized to manage the business and you agree to the terms and services.

Select continue, to verify your business google will send a verification code to your mailing address, select mail.

Now you’re ready to get started with Google my business, you’ll now be able to add more details such as a website, your hours of operation and even a few photos.

Your listing won’t appear in Google until your business is verified, you will receive by post a verification code, simply follow the details to verify your listing.