5 Business Marketing Ideas for January 2017

It’s almost the new year and a great time for resolutions and resetting goals not only for individuals but for your business too. We review our top five online business marketing ideas for January 2017.

    1. New Year’s Day – New product or offer
      It seems like an obvious one, but your customers love a new productor offer for the new year. If you’ve been thinking about putting on a sale or creating a package deal, the new year day sale is now the time to launch.


    1. Offer a free class or event
      An introduction to your services may just be what your customers need. Offering a free class or creating a free information event to create some buzz around your business, may just be what you need to get your potential customers engaged.


    1. Loyalty Program
      Create a loyalty program for repeat customers, rewards for repeat orders, or referrals shows your appreciation to your loyal customers.


    1. Review existing customers
      Reconnect with existing customers who have not purchased or engaged with your business in some time, look at possibly offering them a VIP or Valued Customer offer to only them.


    1. Video Advertising
      Video is the future in online customer engagement. Show your latest product or top service, take a behind the scenes tour, make a funny skit, you could even interview a customer who has used your product or services. The possibilities are endless!



Organising your business marketing for the month can be done in just a few hours. We recommend to schedule sometime in your business day to work on the upcoming marketing ideas for the new year – start off your business year on track of your online marketing.