Facebook Verification Badge

So, we’re sitting down having a cuppa and a biscuit, talking about our business pages and social media and I ask;

“Do you have the verification badge on your Facebook page?”

I’m presented with a blank stare back in my direction, a quick sip of a drink, and followed with the reply;

“I have no idea… what is it?”

With that question I went into more detailed information about the social media platform Read More

How to add your business to Google

View the video above or read our video transcript.Read More

5 Business Marketing Ideas for January 2017

It’s almost the new year and a great time for resolutions and resetting goals not only for individuals but for your business too. We review our top five online business marketing ideas for January 2017.

    1. New Year’s Day – New product or offer
      It seems like an obvious one, but your customers love a new productRead More

Facebook Cover Images

We’ve been thinking about our local central coast businesses and how they use social media this month, and we have focused in on one social media platform today, and that is Facebook pages and their cover images.Read More

Why Do I Need A Web Designer?

Why do I need a web designer? A great question asked by business owners on the Central Coast and around Australia.
We answer why you need a web designer for your business, instead of using free website tools.

A professional image for your small business is important, not only does itRead More

Top 3 things you need to create your website

So you’re starting a website for your business or you’re almost ready to have a designer create one.
We go through the top 3 things you’ll need to have when creating your website.

The number one thing you’ll need to get your website going is Read More

What Is Responsive Web Design?

You may have heard about responsive web design – if not, never fear, you’ll know a thing or two about it just by reading this article.

Now days people access the internet from a variety of different ways. You may see people on different types of devices that can access the internet, such as smartphones, computer tablets, notebooks computers, laptop computers, even desktop computers (you know that big old computer tower and huge monitor some people have at home.)

There are so many ways to access the internet these days, and your website needs to be able to adapt to each type of device.Read More

Google’s New Logo

Google have released their new logo, and it’s not the first time they’ve revamped their look, as their official blog posted.

The new logo is a great, clean modern flat designRead More

Why Mobile Friendly Websites Matter

Mobile friendly websites

Mobile friendly… it’s a strange combination of two words really. You could be you asking yourself, what do they mean? Fear not, we’re here to answer this and more.

When we refer to the term mobile friendly here at Clique, we’re not talking about a polite telephone handset. We’re talking about websites.Read More

Why social media alone isn’t enough for business

Your car’s tyre has just blown on your car, and you need a tyre repairer NOW… you open your friendly search engine on your smart phone and ask Siri, or Google or whoever is your favourite search engine friend, to find you a tyre service repairer.

The search engine brings up a list of repairers in your area. You check out the website for one of the results and it looks good, the prices are reasonable and they’re nearby. You get them to fix your tyre.Read More